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He has been called Whitman-like, a realist, and an imagist. Second, he was a careful historian whose biographies of Abraham Lincoln are thought by many critics to be the most realistic and accurate. Sandburg had a deep love for Lincoln, but thought prior biographers had portrayed him too idealistically so that he seemed almost unreal. He also used his poetry to express some of his political views. As stated before, in most of his poems, he celebrated the beauty and realistically displayed the tragedy of urban, industrial life.

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As a hobo, he collected folksongs and later, after he gained recognition as a writer, he toured the country with these songs. He truly was a man of the people. He was the second of seven children. Fall-Sandburg begins work at a dairy.

Carl Sandburg

This experience allows him to explore folk culture and see the differences between the rich and the poor. Sandburg returns to Galesburg and enrolls in Lombard College now called Knox college while working as a fireman. He attends for four years but never graduates. Sandburg learns to play the guitar, which will assist him in his tours of folksongs later in life.

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