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The first teacher in our live and they also responsibility for me. So I choose agree the statement, my parents are the best teacher in my live. Firstly, I would say that parents are my first teacher because they teach me about walk, speak, healthy, spelling and etc.

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They give the best for me and then parents are the best teacher because they wish their children can success. And they also give education about religion. Secondly, beside my parents are my first teacher in my live, my parents give me their responsibility, they very attention about my school it is because with school I can know about education.

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In the world education is very important. My parents give me facility for school like motorcycle, laptop and the rest. They very attention to me. Thirdly, my parents also give me money, they always give me money because I very need money, without money I cannot buy something.

Parents are The best teachers or not.

As well as money very important in the world but my parents give money not for danger or drugs. They always give something that the best for me, they want see their children success.

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To sum up. In my opinion, my parents are the best for me because they always give me the best thing, education for join in the world and they responsibility for me. Knowing that all the hard work paid off is what makes many individuals feel the true meaning of success. Being able to accomplish a lifelong dream is a worthwhile goal for dedicated individuals. Management of ADHD in the classroom students need doctors, teachers and parents working together, we hope to offer some strategies to help teachers how to manage ADHD students in the classroom.

My Teacher 10 Lines | More Sentences Short Essay for Children

If you are a parent of children with ADHD, you can try to make teachers understand the following information to help teachers manage boy together. We want to know, ADHD symptoms can be successfully controlled by medication, behavioral, psychological. A lot of children have speech delays. It is common for children in schools to see a speech pathologist. It is not always a sign of Autism.

60 Life Lessons I Learned From My Parents

Lastly, repetitive behaviors include hand-flapping, rocking, jumping, or twirling. Autistic children are also known to repeat sounds, words, or phrases. An Autistic. The last interview came from a preschool teacher Jamie from the Peace Methodist School. This is her first year teaching, but prior to that, she was an assistant teacher for eight years.

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  5. Children face so many different issues now days. Some come from either a family from divorce parents, have been or are abuse, and a few other types of societal stress in their lives. Three early childhood professionals were asked how they help the children with these problems when. Should we deny that parents are the best teachers? Parents are those who give live to wonderful babies in the world. Nowadays parents in our life are more precious because young people do not realized how their parents sacrificed everything for them.

    We are in this life because of our parents, and they play an important role in our life every day. They still close to us in any circumstances and believe in us no matter what we are doing in our life. They also play the role as a mother, friend, sister, teacher, advisors, boyfriend for the valentine's day when you are alone, best friend, grandmother, grandfather, and father. He talks about our physical fitness as well. The teachers are really a great assets of a nation. We feel very lucky being taught by Mr Kamlesh. We are proud of our teacher. Thousands of his students are successful people today.

    We also wish to be his successful students for our life.

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