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That means that countless students are receiving failing grades when they deserve to be passing! Does this look familiar?

This is the way many teachers convert a rubric score into a percent grade. This method is wrong. Think about it. Clearly that doesn't make sense.

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Look at the discrepancy between the "Wrong Way" and the "Right Way". That's a big difference. That depends on several factors, including the number of levels in your rubric, the number of assessment criteria, and your minimum passing grade. To make the correct conversion, you must consider these factors for each rubric, and create a mathematical equation that will allow you to map a score on your rubric to a percent grade. Then you must apply the equation to each possible rubric score to determine the equivalent percent grade.


Score Grading Scale Explanation 6 A 6 answer is a very good answer. A 6 answer usually indicates that the applicant has a thorough understanding of the facts, a recognition of the issues presented and the applicable principles of law, and the ability to reason to a conclusion in a well-written paper. A 5 answer usually indicates that the applicant has a fairly complete understanding of the facts, recognizes most of the issues and the applicable principles of law, and has the ability to reason fairly well to a conclusion in a relatively well-written paper.

A 4 answer usually indicates that the applicant understands the facts fairly well, recognizes most of the issues and the applicable principles of law, and has the ability to reason to a conclusion in a satisfactorily written paper. A 3 answer usually indicates that it is, on balance, inadequate. It shows that the applicant has only a limited understanding of the facts and issues and the applicable principles of law, and a limited ability to reason to a conclusion in a below average written paper.

A 2 answer usually indicates that it is, on balance, significantly flawed.

What are rubrics?

A 1 answer usually indicates a failure to understand the facts and the law. A 1 answer shows virtually no ability to identify issues, reason, or write in a cogent manner. Arkansas Scale ranging from 65 to 85 Illinois 0 to 6 point scale Massachusetts 0 to 7 point scale Missouri point scale New Jersey 0 to 6 point scale Vermont 0 to 6 point scale Washington State 0 to 6 point scale. Even if you are taking the bar exam in another jurisdiction that uses a slightly different raw grading scale, you can still use the Washington State example above as a guidepost as to what is considered a high scoring essay answer.

Case, Ph. Albanese, Ph.

How to Calculate a Percentage and Letter Grade

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That combination of results, Williamson and the other researchers wrote, suggested many students from mainland China were using significant chunks of pre-memorized shell text. African Americans, meanwhile, tended to get low marks from E-rater for grammar, style, and organization—a metric closely correlated with essay length—and therefore received below-average scores.

But when expert humans graded their papers, they often performed substantially better. The bias can severely impact how students do on high-stakes tests. The GRE essays are scored on a six-point scale, where 0 is assigned only to incomplete or wildly off-topic essays.

How to Turn Rubric Scores into Grades

When the ETS researchers compared the average difference between expert human graders and E-rater, they found that the machine boosted students from China by an average of 1. Those are just the mean results—for some students, the differences were even more drastic. All essays scored by E-rater are also graded by a human and discrepancies are sent to a second human for a final grade.

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Because of that system, ETS does not believe any students have been adversely affected by the bias detected in E-rater. One of the other rare studies of bias in machine scoring, published in , was conducted at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, which was researching which tests best predicted whether first-year students should be placed in remedial, basic, or honors writing classes. Essay Language BABEL Generator , a program that patched together strings of sophisticated words and sentences into meaningless gibberish essays.

The nonsense essays consistently received high, sometimes perfect, scores when run through several different scoring engines. Motherboard replicated the experiment. Not so with a machine.

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Elliot is nonetheless a proponent of machine scoring essays—so long as each essay is also graded by a human for quality control—and using NLP to provide instant feedback to writers. But the existence of bias in the algorithms calls into question even the benefits of automated scoring, such as instant feedback for students and teachers. In most machine scoring states, any of the randomly selected essays with wide discrepancies between human and machine scores are referred to another human for review.