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No where in The Scarlet Letter does Hawthorne criticize in particular the doctrines of the Puritan religion. Hawthorne only discusses the Puritanical beliefs such as predestination and the Doctrine of the Elect in the context of his narrative. In The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne chooses a very effective method to show his great distrust and hauteur of the theocratic Puritan state. He creates a major character, Arthur Dimmesdale, who is a highly respected member of the Puritan community who commits adultery, a crime against everything the Puritans believe in.

Bay Arthur Dimmesdale is the leader of the Salem community as minister of the local congregation. He is an ordained minister and highly educated at the best universities of Europe, nevertheless, he is not perfect despite what many of his parishioners may believe. Dimmesdale has numerous flaws which are illustrated to the audience by his adulterous affair with Hester Prynne.

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However, fornication is not Dimmesdale's chief crime in The Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne shows that it is Dimmesdale's concealment of the affair that is the true sin. The shielding of the affair from the town becomes a great burden on Dimmesdale's heart and ultimately leads to his self-inflicted torture. Hawthorne utilizes dramatic irony when addressing the relationship between community members and Dimmesdale. As the story progresses, the townspeople begin to increasingly view Dimmesdale as the holiest man amongst them.

However, Dimmesdale begins to see himself as a corrupt and withered old man far different from the holy man the town perceives him to be.

The character of Dimmesdale is used by Nathaniel Hawthorne to demonstrate the insufficiencies and failures of the Puritans lifestyle. The rigid and stringent controls around Dimmesdale and the entire Puritan society did not result in the formation of a moral consciousness. The governmental controls of their society simply created an air of hypocrisy among the obstinate Puritans.

Hawthorne chiefly designs the character of Arthur Dimmesdale to be a point of contrast to the Puritan example of moral virtuosity. Hawthorne also utilizes the character of Dimmesdale to manifest his views and beliefs on where the heart of moral control should rest. While society was oblivious to Dimmesdale's crime of adultery, he certainly understands the underlying implications of his trespass.

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The burden of the offense takes a toll on him. He becomes weakened spiritually and even physically as he appears more frail as the narrative progresses. From the first time Nathaniel Hawthorne begins to describe Dr. Prynne a. Roger Chillingworth he uses Hester to show that he is very normal in some aspects, yet very different in others.

He is a mid aged man, whom wears his age well. But a small shoulder misalignment causes slight distinction from the rest of the crowd. His facial features tell of his intelligence, and his clothes are of a mix, some civilized, some savage. When he came onto the scene, while Hester was on the scaffold with baby Pearl, he hid his identity from the crowd, and merely asked of what the commotion was all about.

The news hit him hard, yet, consistent with Chillingworth throughout the story, he does not show it with outward gestures. He asked one of the onlookers if she had told the name of the man who took advantage of Hester, but was told that she would not break the privy. Chillingworth, filled with the bitterness of betrayal, confronted the sinner and asked personally, of whom committed the sin with her, but again, she would not tell. Taking into account all the events that have just happened, Chillingworth, still having it be given that he's a bit strange, is acting quite normal for a husband who just came home to hear such news.

He did not cause more guilt or pain to his wife, but wanted the name of the man who would commit a crime worthy of death while he was absent.

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Yet, for some reason, Hester, who resented Chillingworth from the day of their marriage, would not tell of the man of irresponsibility. Chillingworth must have been outraged. Anyone in that position would be. For the fact stood that not only was his wife, his pride, was blemished by another man, but that she was willing to stand forth and not call out his name so that he may share the punishment.

At this time in the story, the reader begins to develop what they think of Chillingworth.

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They begin to either agree with what he is going to do, or they think him mad, and mad already. For this is the development of this character, and from this point, with the information given, the reader will either take the slant of Chillingworth, and agree that he is right in his decision making. Accept the fact that the man who committed such hideous crimes against Hester and against society should ultimately be punished till point of death. Or go against him, and deny all that he does and plans.

A reader who does not agree that Chillingworth is worth of mercy at this point will never understand or allow themselves to accept that he is tormented by this event, by what has come out of this incident.

They will not believe that he is just in his head, and that there is a reason behind all the hatred. He is already and will always be a mad man. Hawthorne does not spend anytime or detail on Dr. Prynne's history. All that is presented is that Hester is bitter toward him for robbing her of her childhood, which can be taken as he married while she was yet a babe of youth.

Hawthorne Chillingworth, being a student of alchemy, was nicely fit into the role of the Puritan society as the doctor.

That meant that he was to provide care for the minister Dimmesdale, whom Chillingworth watched only as much as everyone else, to see who Hester was protecting. Chillingworth provided constant care to the ill health of Dimmesdale, so naturally he was there when Hester was brought forth to see if she were fit to care for the child from sin. The men present talked traps to her in order to get Pearl from her mother, yet Dimmesdale was the only one who supported Hester's motherhood with numerous logical points.

This is where Chillingworth gets a suspicion. After the minister was finished proving his point, Chillingworth noted that he spoke with a strange earnestness, which answered the question his paranoia had been asking. Chillingworth takes his answer, Dimmesdale, and decides to "befriend" him. Or that's what seems to be through Dimmesdale's eyes.

Truly, Chillingworth plots a plan of torment, of revenge. He is contriving a form of punishment that no man could think of. He is planning the mental destruction of this "man of God. A psychological romance is a story that contains all of the conventional trappings of a typical romance, but deeply portrays humans in conflict with themselves.

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The Scarlet Letter won Hawthorne great. Character Analysis of Hester from The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne "With nothing now to lose in the sight of mankind, and with no hope, and seemingly no wish, of gaining anything, it could only be a genuine regard for virtue that had brought back the poor wanderer to its paths.

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Hawthorne displays this major element of human nature, hypocrisy in all characters save young Pearl who is blatantly unique from most people. Dimmesdale, Hester, and the entire Puritan community are hypocrites, and their hypocrisy. The Puritans were in a religious period that was known for the strict social norms in which lead to the intolerance of different lifestyles. It was written in by the famous American author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

It documents the lives of three tragic characters, each of whom suffer greatly because of his or her sins. Shot Plot The story begins with Hester Prynne, a resident of a small Puritan community, being led from the town jailhouse to a public. She had an illegitimate child and now has to wear the letter "A" on her chest to represent adulterer. She has been sentences to three hours of scolded punishment and a lifetime of being branded. Reverend Wilson and reverend Dimmesdale question Hester about the child 's father. She refuses to give up the name.

Her old husband. This particular place is the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where, as depicted in The Scarlet Letter, is bound by the strict rules of the Puritans. It starts off with a woman named Hester Prynne. Hester decides to leave her husband behind to migrate to Boston. A couple years later, Hester gives birth to a baby girl named Pearl in prison. Hester refused to reveal the father of Pearl.

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The town then forces Hester to wear a scarlet letter "A" upon her dress. What stands out the most in the book is the use of archaic diction and figurative language, which serve to paint vivid, descriptive pictures of each character, specifically, Roger Chillingworth. Imagine yourself on display in front of your whole town, being punished for cheating on your husband or wife.