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This collection of smart and well-chosen essays fills a gaping hole in Latin American film studies, helping us to understand what makes Latin America laugh and how. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Publishing With Us. Book Authors Journal Authors.

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Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. The book analyzes the significant changes in the aesthetics, production and reception of Spanish film from onwards.

It brings together European and North American scholars to establish a critical dialogue on the topics under discussion, while providing multiple perspectives on the concepts of national cinemas and genre theory.. Latin American Cinema: Essays on Modernity, Gender and National Identity "Partly a result of demand for a film component for Latin American studies programs, this collection of nine papers strives to provide diverse coverage in terms of period, geography, and types of cinema.

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The papers explore the nature of screen productions and the evolution of the film industry itself. The editors lecturers in Portuguese and Brazilian studies at the U.

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  6. Latin American Cinema: Essays on Modernity, Gender and National Identity.

Visual Synergies in Fiction and Documentary Film from Latin America "This book brings together new essays by scholars and filmmakers on the forays across genre boundaries which have revitalized both fiction and documentary film in Latin America. There has been considerable recent interest in theorizing the differences between fiction and non-fiction film, and Visual Synergies highlights the importance of Latin America's contribution to the praxis of cross-genre experimentation as well as to theories of the cinematic image and its relationship with the real.

Productions from different countries reflect particular social attitudes, political climates and self-conceptions, and must be considered separately and as a whole. The search for national identity is a key component of Latin American films in a time of decreasing cultural diversity and pressures to westernize. Globalization and falling government support have fueled cross-border collaborations, calling into question the idea of a movie's "nationality," and leaving some nations' film industries on the brink of collapse.

- Latin American Cinema: Essays on Modernity, Gender and National Identity

Whether thriving or barely surviving, struggling to remain distinct or embracing globalization on its own terms, addressing the government or society, Latin American cinema remains vibrant, offering a wealth of material to scholars of all stripes. These collected essays explore important elements of Latin American cinema and its associated national film industries. The first section of essays examines the impact of modernization on both Latin American screen images and the industry itself, offering modern and historical perspectives.

The second section focuses on filmmakers who deal with issues of gender and sexuality, whether sexual transgression, the role of female characters, or societal attitudes towards sex and nudity.

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The final section of essays discusses the relationship between national identity and Latin American film industries: how movies are used to create a sense of self; Uruguay's ongoing identity crisis; and Brazil's use of Hollywood's stereotypical depiction of the country to depict itself. Photographs and an annotated bibliography accompany each essay, and an index supplements the text.

Introduction : reflections on modernity, gender, and nation in the Latin American context p.

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