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They represent the second strategic group: Performance Focused. On page of case 7 in Appendix 2: Comparative Financial Data for Honda, Yamaha, and Harley-Davidson, we were able to compare and analyze their performances. Its inventory turnover also exceeded both Honda and Yamaha Motors. By May , the first-quarter financial results showed a year-on- year revenue growth of So, Harley-Davidson looks to be on track after witnessing its first net in ; however, its estimated total sales in would be roughly , bikes short from what was shipped in The first major step was to determine its major tangible resources: property, plant, and equipment.

The heavyweight motorcycle market is comprised of three segments: cruiser motorcycles, touring motorcycles, and performance motorcycles. As of , Harley-Davidson had a market share of retail sales of heavyweight motorcycles in North America at In , sales of these other products represented The dealerships help penetrate international 9. Harley-Davidson placed emphasis on its manufacturing operations, and, in , Harley-Davidson had 15 main facilities located in the US, India, Brazil, and Australia Grant, , The next step in our Internal analysis of Harley-Davidson Inc.

HOG allows the company to become involved in organizing social and charity events, and it provided the organizational link for this sense of community. The HOG increases customer loyalty, and it was reflected in their continuing investment in Harley products because almost half the sales were to repeat customers Grant They were able to expand their offering of range of services such as: service and repair, financing, test-ride facilities, rider instruction classes, motorcycle rentals, consulting services for customizing bikes, and insurance services.

Since dealer relations were a strategic priority, its Retail Environments Group established a set of standards and guidelines. The University helps employees gain skills needed for work. Harley-Davidson also relies on its financial services to generate profit. In , the HDFS attributed to Lastly, the intangible resources include patents that were usually related to peripheral items such as: saddlebag mounting systems, foot-pegs, seats, backrests, electrical assemblies, and motorcycle music systems.

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One major core competency of Harley-Davidson is its brand image and customer relationships. The formation of the HOG allowed for Harley-Davidson to connect with its customers through events and charities, allowing them to promote loyalty and build comradery amongst its employees and customers. The brand has allowed Harley-Davidson to gain a sense of American culture, and it helps provide the Harley Experience Grant, They placed a strong focus on their dealer development program because it helped increase support for dealers while imposing higher standards of pre- and after-sales service, and requiring better dealer facilities Grant, They also offered a wider range of services such as: service and repair, financing, test-ride facilities, rider instruction classes, motorcycle rentals, consulting services for customizing bikes, and insurance services.

Lastly, their HDFS provided financial services that are fundamental in contributing to their success. The first major strength Harley-Davidson possesses is its brand image and customer loyalty. They have a good product range where customers can use service consultants to help customize bikes. A major weakness for Harley-Davidson is its high-quality products.

Harley Davidson Case Questions Essay

Because of the high-quality products, the price is high. This can be a weakness because, in a recession, many customers will shy away from high costing items like they did so during the financial crisis. Another weakness for Harley-Davidson is its product differentiation. In , they offered 34 different models, but much of its differentiation contributed to style changes and new paint designs Grant, Another weakness is its presence in international markets; Harley-Davidson has contributed much of its success from the US because it has a large amount of market share compared to international markets.

Strategic Management of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Corporation

Lastly, Harley-Davidson has a limited customer base because its dominance has been within the US with the brand bringing an American style experience. Opportunities: Opportunities are essential when looking for gaining competitive advantages over rival competitors. A major opportunity Harley-Davidson has is expansion abroad in emerging markets especially Asia and Latin America. It has the opportunity to expand products and services.

Case Study On Harley Davidson Marketing Essay

Because they lack on product differentiation, they have an opportunity to expand and offer new product launches. Also, with the HDFS, they have the opportunity to increase its financial services. Harley-Davidson has a great opportunity to tap into women, African American, and military and veteran motorcycle riders. Lastly, Harley-Davidson can develop more Threats: Threats imposed on a company within an industry are something that needs to be taken cautiously.

Increasing competition from rival competitors always poses a threat for Harley-Davidson, especially if other competitors have better financials and are more diversified. A major threat they are facing is if the next cohorts— Generation X and Generation Y—have the same cultural values that the baby boomer generation represented.

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Contact Us. Target Audience Existing and potential customers of Harley Davidson motorbikes. Campaign Actions To launch hour test rides, the agency created an end sequence to a short film where a man wakes up with a Harley. Young filmmakers were invited to view the film online and where challenged to show how the film begins. There was a huge response received in the form of short films with different beginning and a common ending.

The agency then planned an Open Road Film Festival Event in which a public screening of the top eight films was to be done. This event attracted vast audiences including many of the Australian celebrities also. Harley targets mostly male and people aged amid The Street also is first all novel platforms that Harley released in all its career of13 years plus must help firm grow share in the market in outreach customer sections. Harley-Davidson even carries a strategy to expand its global presence as well as reach novel demographics within U. Presently, a large number of our customers reside within U.

S; moreover, global retail sales also have been enhancing as a current of the total sales Homburg, Krohmer and Workman, Geographic- Harley-Davidson in reality is presently executing multi-generational as well as multi-cultural marketing strategy in the U.

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The success of this strategy is measured by internally monitoring share in the market within targeted consumer segments of the Core, young adults like men and women aged amid years, women like Caucasian women above 35 years and also a very diverse men plus women like African-American as well as Hispanic that are above 35 years of age Jackson, Motorcycle registration outcomes show that Harley-Davidson actually is segment leader within the U. A proper value proposition of Harley is applied to the entire organization, and even to some of its parts thereof.

Harley-Davidson actually stands for total independence, freedom as well as individuality and expressing self, adventure upon open road, plus experiencing life towards the fullest. A proper functional advantage is alluring at several phases than the emotional advantages. It is all about answering question like does Harley create better motorcycle as compared to Honda? Some emotional self-animated benefits of such brands surely are extra prevalent. Therefore, it makes an exact sense towards moving beyond operational benefits as well as considers the self-expressive and social plus emotional advantages as a base for value proposition of the brand.

Demographic- As per age the customers amid age 18 to 34 feel the happiness and freedom while riding to bikes of Harley and also feel relaxed and contended while. The brand engenders intense loyalty because it is found in hearts of the Harley-Davidson owners. Riding intense emotions, Harley has roared its path to top of fast-developing hardwearing motorcycle marketplace Vanderveer and Pines, Both segment as well as sales of Harley sales is actually growing vastly.

In reality, for many years of running, sales also have far surpassed the supply, with the customer rapidly catalog of up till 3 years for the popular replicas as well as street prices that are running well higher than the suggested catalog prices. Marketers of Harley Davidson also spend a vast deal of the time thinking related to the customers as well as their purchasing behavior.

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The firm also needs to understand who the real as well as probable customers are and also that what they actually think as well as how they really feel, plus the reason why these customers buy Harley and not a Yamaha otherwise Suzuki or even a large Honda which is American Classic. There are several difficult questions that the firm needs to answer in order to find the right path towards the attainment of all its marketing aims and goals. But the Harley management even puts some top priority upon understanding the customers as well as finding things that what makes the customers happy and satisfied.