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This course is for you if:. This course isn't for you if:. It took me 5 years of hour workweeks, thousands of wasted dollars, and LOTS of failure to learn how to write in a way that truly connects with people and makes money in the process. You'll even get direct access to me, all the tools and templates you need, and tactics you've never seen before to help you write like a true pro. Nik has a seemingly endless store of sound advice, insightful motivational tools and tried and true methods for a writer at any level.

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After going through the first module of his course, I felt like a professional writer every time I sat down in front of my keyboard. I have 2 more modules to go, but my fear to publish is virtually non-existent.

Professional Writing

I now have an arsenal of tools at my disposal to help organize content, format, find and develop new ideas, and keep me on schedule. With this course, that won't happen to you. In Write Like A Pro , you will learn : The professional mindset with which some of today's most successful authors managed to continue in the face of rejection , sometimes for decades.

How to use methods of behavior change to quickly build momentum and cement a regular writing habit. Why you need a deliberate writing practice, what that looks like, and how you can use it to let your work speak for itself aka how to market yourself without marketing. What specific writing tactics must go in your toolbox, as you build your own arsenal of writing techniques.

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How to break into various, new writing platforms, like Quora and Medium, and reach a large audience within weeks, not years without needing your own website. Why you don't have to write books, and how you can work your way to a full-time income when you monetize your writing in multiple ways.

Because here's another truth about writing: If you've picked up a pen already, even just once, and loved it, consistency will come naturally once your frustrations wash away. Plus, the guy is cool. They do so on places like Medium Here's what you can get access to in the next 30 seconds: Welcome - The Clean Slate First, we'll define the core problems all writers face and learn what separates pros from amateurs.

You will learn : A fascinating thought experiment that shows we're all writers at heart How most teachers set up their students for failure before the course even starts Why the best courses don't force you to take them step-by-step Which 3 deaths all writers must die before they can become real pros How the professional writer manages to come out ahead of the pack Module 1 - The Mindset Of A Pro Learn how professionals approach not just their career, but their entire life. You will learn : Why the self-improvement movement only clouds most people's thinking What to do when everyone tells you you're wrong and your writing sucks Where you can find endless motivation to write Why professionals don't need to rely on ideas and inspiration How ideas actually form Which mental phases you'll go through as you transition from amateur to pro Module 2 - Building A Consistent Practice Learn how to quickly build momentum with a regular publishing routine.

You will learn : Where you should start if you're just picking up writing again Which framework I used to help over people change their habits The only two tools you need to succeed as a writer What coding principle helps the best writers ship relentlessly The simple spreadsheet you can use to plan a month of content in just one hour Which technique will easily give you blog post ideas or more Module 3 - Making Your Practice Deliberate Learn how to actually improve as a writer. You will learn : Why the concept of deliberate practice is essential for all high performers Which kind of feedback you need for your writing to truly get better The one variable most bloggers miss How to break into the most relevant writing platforms, like Medium and Quora How to write content that actually ranks on Google What frameworks you can use to tell stories in compelling ways The single most valuable non-writing activity for all writers Module 4 - Attracting An Audience Learn how to kickstart your growth on all platforms with the art of subtle marketing.

You will learn : Why the 1 mistake tech startups make is a great habit for writers The big fat lie people have been telling you about email lists How to bake marketing into your writing and outgun any active promotion What the most important variable of succeeding on Medium and Quora is How to outrank the world's biggest sites with dead-simple SEO tweaks Why the greatest marketing tactic will also make you a better writer Which 5-minute promotion hacks are worth your time and effort Module 5 - Making Money From Your Writing Learn why modern-day professional writers don't rely on one source of income.

You will learn : The two ways we pay for written words, and which is better How to start your path to becoming an author, freelancer, marketer or artist Advantages and disadvantages of the four types of earning writers The only thing you should base your writing income on How to live any writer's dream with the purest way to profit from your art.

Module 4 - Attracting An Audience Available in days. Closing Thoughts Available in days. Bonus Vault Available in days. This course is not open for enrollment. This course is for you if: You've always dreamed about being a writer, but have never actually done anything about it; You've dabbled with publishing blog posts and enjoyed it, but could never quite build a consistent routine; You have a somewhat regular publishing routine, but just aren't seeing any meaningful growth in readership; You know how to write, but you've hit a plateau and can't seem to break through the next performance ceiling; You don't know how to monetize your writing to earn some extra cash, let alone a full-time income; You love writing and know it's the right career for you, but are stuck and frustrated.

This course isn't for you if: You don't want to become a professional writer and make money from writing in any way, shape, or form; You really only write into your journal for personal reflection; You don't like writing and would much rather avoid it altogether, both in your work and private life; You have no desire to ever publish a book, write a screenplay, or start a blog.

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After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You'll also get automatic access to all future lessons, bonus modules, and course updates. I would never want you to be unhappy!

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If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund. How about whenever you want? For that reason, bdjobs has taken the initiative to introduce this course on Professional Report Writing Skills,that could be supportive to improve the professional English writing skills for the professionals at all levels may it be NGOs or may it be corporate sector. We understand that a vivid perception on writing techniques need to be clear, concise, logical, correct and also need to be backed up by appropriate knowledge.

This course will help you to understand the art of effective professional writing skills in length and also a good understanding on issues related to it, which is very important in professional life. Through the course, you will become a more competent and confident about professional English writing, with a stronger ability to use clear methods, appropriate information and correct languages including different tailor made techniques of crafting a write up for you or your organization. It focuses on structuring an effective presentation that Professionals involved in administrative and HR jobs need Bdjobs Training, a division of Bdjobs.

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Currently it is the largest professional training house in the country that runs training We'll email you updates on job trends, new courses, study tips and more. You gave a rating of 0 star s. Jobs My Bdjobs Training Employers. Sign In Forgot password? Sign in with.


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