Compare and contrast essay on romeo and juliet

Whereas, in Westside Story, Maria is never killed. She does, however, plead to be killed also, so she could be with Tony, as well as, threatening to kill all the men that had anything to do with the violence.

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The other comparable characters were harder to notice the differences because they did not have such large parts. However, there are still major differences and similarities. Riff, being compared to Mercutio, was sort of the leader. He was also the first to be killed within the gang. Bernardo, being compared to Tybalt, had a hot temper, and became violent easily. Bernardo was Maria s cousin, and Tybalt was Juliet s cousin. Bernardo was killed in the rumble, and so was Tybalt.

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Finally, there are many comparisons and contrasts between the two plays. Between characters, as well as plot. Although some of them are very small, they make the two very much different. In both Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story, the lovers were forced to take their own lives or be killed because of fate and the actions of others.

In Romeo and Juliet, one character who is partly responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet is Tybalt. Tybalt enrages Remeo and causes him to kill Tybalt. In Romeo and Juliet, this brings about Romeos exile West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet differ in many ways. Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona in about Tony is the modern character of Romeo and Maria is the modern character of Juliet.

Comparing and Contrasting Shakespeare's Play Romeo and Juliet and the Movie Version

In the two tragedies the major conflict is two opposing families, or gangs, do not agree of the relationship of their child. This conflict was resolved in a very tragic manner, one of the two couples killed themselves the other Maria is Bernardos sister, the leader of astreet gang named the Sharks. The Sharks are a Puerto Rican gang. Tony isa member of the Jets, the rival white gang of the Sharks wanting to keepPuerto Ricans out. The beginning starts as both gangs gather at a localdance.

There, Tony and Maria meet and fall in love.

Romeo and Juliet Movie comparison Essay

They both know thattheir love is dangerous and begin to meet in secret. Story are two very similar movies. Though they are alike in many ways, they arealso very different as well. The two movies mirror each other all the way untilthe fight in West Side Story and until Mercutio dies in Romeo and Juliet. Instead of fighting between families, as the Montaguesand the Capulets, West Side Story brings out the gang activity, Sharks vs.

Some of the characters in West Side What would Romeo and Juliet be like if Juliet hadn't died? What if Paris killedRomeo, instead of vice versa? What if instead of occurring several centuriesago, it took place on the streets of New York City during the s, with abunch of fresh-faced youths posing as street toughs and dancing and singingtheir hearts out? Well, just take a look at West Side Story, and you will haveyour answers. It is impossible for anyone familiar with both texts to not notethe obvious major similarities between the two plays.

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In the movie, Tybalt's outrage at the Capulet's ball is seen more vividly than in the play by his violent reaction to Romeo's presence there. However, in the play, the audience cannot truly see the hatred that Tybalt has toward the Montague family. In the movie, Tybalt's character is portrayed more violently as a drug lord or mafia gang leader who has hatred for a family he does not truly know.

This hatred that Tybalt has will lead to the destruction of the love between Romeo and Juliet. Another character that is seen with two different personae in the drama is Capulet. In the play he is seen as "a worthy, noble-minded old man of high rank [. He shows his authority when he tells Tybalt that Romeo "Shall be endured [. Read More.