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Every room is quite airy and wonderful. My School has co education system where we both boys and girls study happily.

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There is a wide, green and beautiful playground in my school. During our sports hours the students love playing cricket, hockey, football, badminton etc. In fact, our school pay great emphasis on sports, gaming and other extra curricular activities. The teachers of my school are very lovely and kind.

They teach is with great care. The students are encouraged to study and excel more. This is the reason that our school has the largest enrollment of students as compared to all near by schools. My school has a great fully functional library. It offers variety of books, notes and other study material of every kind.

Essay on CO-EDUCATION-New Speech Essay Topic

My school library is always open for everyone around the city. We love to study in library during our free hours. Apart from that, my school has a well maintained science hall. The Science subject is taught to us with the great care. The students are encouraged to learn science and do experiments in the science lab.

My School is my pride. I feel greatly honored and happy to study in such a great institute of our country.

Essay on Co education in English

Even though gender equality is been respected and nurtured in all parts of the world, there are still thousands of doubts raised about having a co-education in schools, colleges etc. For all those people who wonder whether co education is good or bad here you will find all the information about what is meant by coeducation, the importance of the co-education system, the advantages, and disadvantages of co-education. In this process, both the genders would benefit equally in learning or attaining knowledge from the institution.

This method of education even though is becoming common all over the world, as there are still few parts of the country who sometimes feel, segregation is for the betterment of the learning process. However, there are few who feel, segregation of the genders causes trouble to the learning process and makes it more complicated. Co-education basically refers to providing education to both girls and boys together, without any discrimination specifically gender discrimination.

This is the actual meaning of coeducation explained in simple terms. Gender discrimination is an outrageous atrocity that was and is still prevalent in a few countries.

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Though this is a common debatable topic, its time we need to change our opinions on such factors. There are other few factors that help us get rid of these outdated thinking. In ancient times, Greece was the only country which allowed coeducation.

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But as time passed by, most of the countries in the world have adopted coeducation into their systems. The reasons why coeducation is important is because it awakens the spirit of equality and comradeship among all students without any discrimination. For some information on Coeducation in Islam , you can refer to this article pdf file : academia.

In the term co-education, the prefix co means together , the meaning of coeducation is nothing but educating or teaching both girls and boys together i. Adding coeducation into the educational system was widely seen in the west. It then began to spread and now most of the countries in the world have accepted it.

Well, fortunately, India is no backward in this case and you can see coeducation being part of the educational system widely in India. As per mythology, during the Vedic age, women were treated highly and were also given a high status in society. During that time coeducation was practised in ancient India. But slowly coeducation was not encouraged much in India and it turned out to be a debatable matter.

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  5. At the time of British rule, though coeducation had got a boost, only a negligible percentage of girls got the privilege of studying in co-education institutions. But with time passing by, now education is given higher importance not only for boys but for girls too. Also, people have understood the reasons why co-ed schools are better. As a result, we can see the number of co-ed institutions increasing all over India.

    A good education system is said to be progressive only if it respects both the genders and giving the same education under a single roof. Co-education institutions help in laying the foundation for both the genders to learn how to co-exist with respect and dignity. Here are a few points that explain the advantages of the co-education system. Co-education allows both the genders to mingle with each other and to know how to co-exist with respect.

    By this process of getting mingled under one learning institution, they develop a mutual understanding of each other. And there is no place of hesitation or partiality among the genders when it comes to performing activities like cultural, academics or sports. People get to know how to respect each other and their emotional level. In general, there are a lot of differences in the behaviour of both the genders which brings in fear and hesitance in striking a conversation, this fear can be for a boy or a girl. This kind of shyness, hesitation or fear can be overcome when they are put up in a co-education system where they will be compelled to talk and create a friendly environment without any fear.

    It is the very natural phenomenon where both the genders have to be together to face the world, your senior could be a male or a female and you would have to create a friendly environment and must be at ease with the opposite sex. Hence, co-education would help them to know the opposite sex better, creating a comfort zone where communication is easier. Competition is always an essential part of any kind of challenges in life be it personal or professional. And especially in education, it is good to have a healthy competition among the peers which lets you learn how to cope with your failures early in life no matter who the winner is.

    So, co-education systems nurture challenges among the opposite genders in a healthy way, that helps you to maintain your dignity. It also educates you to face your failures and learn from them rather than turn them into the revengeful act. Self-esteem is very essential and has to be built in a good way and the best place to start with it is the learning institutions where you can face all types of personality early in your life.

    Co-education learning centres help to lay the early foundation for maintaining dignity and self-esteem. Many institutions give extra attention to students who feel that they are less worthy than the others and offer counselling sessions that help in building up their personality and making them stronger to face the world. From working together to making a marriage successful is all about teamwork and the effort given by both male and female. Team building activities in early stages help both the genders to learn how to co-exist and this can only be provided in the co-educational system.

    By this way, co-education is an essential part in the education system which pushes the genders to work together and blend with each other to survive in this brutal world. A recent study reveals that children tend to behave very decently in a civilized manner in the presence of other gender provided they have been in this scenario for long. This is very essential in an institution set up as well as it will have a huge impact on their personal front for the people of the opposite sex to behave well with each other.

    Hence, co-education plays an important role in character building. They emphasize the fact that they have to respect and listen to the opposite sex as they listen and respect one from their own. Quarrel among the peers is very common be it at home, workplace or educational institutions. This may happen due to no proper understanding, misconceptions, miss-communications, uncomfortable, no respect for other sex and ignorance. All this can only be improved when there is a good understanding between the two.

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    This is very much reduced in a co-education system as they understand better each other and hence, reducing the bad behaviour and harsh reactions from each other. So, the co-education system reduces any kind of discrimination and increases respect towards the opposite sex. Be it any country there will be a shortage of lecturers if there are separate institutions or centres for genders right from school to college.

    It might be very difficult to fill in, even if there would be a huge demand for teachers. It also breeds monetary loss to the government or a private institution when they invest huge amount for separate lecturers teaching the same thing to students across institutions.