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Some people have self-discipline as natural possessions, while some people have to develop it within themselves. Discipline is a skill that can control emotions and helps overcome difficulties and helps in doing the right thing at the right time.

Life without discipline is incomplete and unsuccessful. Respecting our elders and superiors, we must follow certain rules. It is an important tool for all activities of life, whether it is home, office, playground or other place. If we do not follow discipline then our life will be disorganized. Everything in this world is organized by disciplined and disciplined. Wind, water and land give us the way to live life This world, country, society, community etc. Discipline is a nature that exists in all things provided by nature.

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The disciplined person is obedient and he has self-controlled behavior for obedience of right authority. Discipline holds great importance throughout life and requires it in every work of life. It is necessary for all those who work seriously on any project, if we do not follow the orders and rules of our senior officials, we will have to face difficulties and this can also fail. We should always remain in discipline and obey the orders of our teachers and parents so that we can succeed in our lives.

We should get up in the morning, after getting regular water, wash the clean water and go to the toilet, take a bath after cleaning the teeth and after that breakfast should be done.

Essay on Discipline for Students and Children

We should not go to school to eat without food. We should do our homework in cleanliness and hygiene at the right time. Sometimes our parents should not disrespect, neither refuse or hurt. We should go to our school in full uniform and at the right time. According to the school rules in class, we should pray, we must obey the orders of our teachers, work with clean writing, and remember the lessons given at the right time. We should not behave badly with teachers, headmasters, watchmen, cooks or students.

We should all behave well, whether it is at home, school, office or any other place. None of the subjects can achieve any major achievement in their life. Therefore, in order to be a successful person in our lives, we must follow the instructions of our teachers and parents. Discipline is an action that regulates your body, mind and soul, and helps in doing all the work correctly by following the orders of the elders, teachers and parents of the family.

This is an action that creates our mind to live in discipline and obey every law and order. We can see the example of real discipline in all natural resources in our daily life. The sun and the moon grow at the right time and the setting, coming and going in the right time of morning and evening, the rivers are always flowing, the parents always love, the teachers always teach and many more. Then why are we behind in our life, to face without any problems, we should follow all the necessary discipline in our life. We must obey the words of our teachers, parents and elders.

We should listen to them about their experiences and learn from their success and failure. Whenever we begin to look and understand something, it teaches us important in life. The weather comes and goes on time, the sky rains and stops, etc.

All the time is right that makes our life balanced. Therefore, to maintain the life cycle on this earth, we also need to remain in discipline. We have many responsibilities towards our teacher, guardian, environment, family, environment and life etc.

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As a human, we have a good mind to think, to make a decision about right and wrong and to change our plan into work. Therefore, we are extremely responsible for knowing the importance and need of discipline in our lives. There is a lot of dilemma in life due to indiscipline and makes the person irresponsible and lazy. This reduces the level of confidence of our faith and keeps the person uncomfortable even in easy tasks. Whereas in discipline it leads us to the stairs of the highest heights of life.

Discipline is something that keeps everyone well controlled.

601 words essay on the value of discipline

This inspires the person to move forward and makes a success. Every one of us has experienced different disciplines in our lives according to wiseness and need. Discipline is very much needed in every person to walk the right path in life. Without discipline, life becomes completely passive and free of cost because nothing is done according to plan.

If we have to implement our plan about completing any project, then we will first have to be in discipline. Discipline is of two types, one is that which we get from outside society and the second one which is produced by ourselves within us. Discipline and the effects on the unit Accountabilities is one of the fundamental of the military.

It only brings personal responsibility but it also shows organization of a unit. There are many reasons why being on time is important. The US Army depends solely on its soldiers, enlisted. Warrant officers, and commissioned officers alike. The military would not be anything without the soldiers. Why it is important to Obey Military Rules and Regulation Military discipline and effectiveness is built on the foundation of obedience to orders.

Recruits are taught to obey, immediately and without question, orders from their superiors, right from day-one of boot camp. Which is why we work so well by following orders from the more experienced leaders who have been doing this for years. We have plenty of obedience in Charlie company and I feel it is one of the best units I have been in. It has…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Military Discipline Essay.

Military Discipline Essay Example

Show More. Self-discipline is the key to this kind of behavior. In peacetime, self-discipline gets the unit out for the hard training. It does mean that you do what needs to be done regardless of your feelings. An officer or noncommissioned officer who loses his temper and flies into a tantrum has failed to obtain his first triumph in discipline. Noncommissioned Officer's Manual, This understanding, along with Army values, forms the foundation of great units. Units that have solid discipline can take tremendous stress and friction yet persevere, fight through, and win.

Fostering initiative builds on motivation and discipline. It requires subordinates' confidence that in an uncertain situation, when they know the commander's intent and develop a competent solution, the commander will underwrite the risk they take. While this principle applies to both direct and organizational leaders, the stakes are usually higher in larger, more complex organizations. Additionally, organizational leaders. Essay Military Discipline Military Discipline Where to start, lets see discipline in the military from the beginning to now.

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