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Each summer is beautiful for me because I spend it with my family. I am well aware that people my age spend their summer vacations with friends, partying all the time.

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But, after an entire year away from my family, I must admit I would always choose to spend a summer vacation with my family rather than friends. After all, my friends are what I get back to when the vacation time ends. The place was perfect for a modern camper — combining an Airstream trailer rental, canvas tent and log cabins, and surrounded by three marvelous lakes.


But, this is not my favorite summer vacation just because of the location. We have visited so many wonderful places during the summers, I am pretty sure some even looked better. What I do remember is the fun. I remember how much we fought over what we are going to do.

So, if you came and watched us on our family vacations in the summer, you would see two very bored parents just sitting next to their children when they are doing some kid activities. You could also see us trout fishing with them because my dad loves fishing. This year that I am talking about, we fought for a long time about the trout fishing activity.

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  8. We wanted to do canoeing, so we agreed that they will come with us on his, and we would go fishing with them. As it turned out, we had more fun on the fishing expedition than we had canoeing. For our dad, it was the opposite.

    We fell in the water because this was our first time canoeing and we had no idea what we were doing. Both my sister and I were soaking wet because we fell exactly eleven times. Since my dad has done this in the past, they had a blast! However, luck was on my side that day.

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    Fishing turned out to be such a fun activity, I am now convincing my dad to do it every summer. On my vacation this summer in New Jersey, I enjoyed sunny, warm days with my extended family. Do you see how this sentence conveys all three of the main points without using the same words as the prewriting? You might try: Mrs.

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    Wentling was a great teacher. She spent a lot of time helping me, and I got better grades and felt better about myself. The extra help she so generously gave me brought up not only my grades but my self-esteem as well. Instead, it leaves us wanting to read on to find out. While this technique works in some situations, in general you should try to make your thesis as specific as possible so that it serves as a guide for both you and readers as to what the essay is going to say.

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    Gather up plenty of ideas in your prewriting. The more material you have to work with, the easier it is to write your thesis. Identify the main points from your prewriting. Use the Thesis Builder for more help with this. For your first attempt, just get the ideas into a sentence any way you can. Simply tell the reader what your main points are.

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    A humorous essay can have a humorous thesis; a serious one should not.