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With its differences and similarities, Yoga somehow is declared as a sport in India. While it is said that most Yoga practitioners and trainers are women, there are also men who admitted they practice Yoga and helped them a lot. The team admitted that Yoga has helped them a lot to increase their focus on the game. Not just NBA, but also football. Yes, no other than the NFL. Russell Okung, left tackle for the Seahawks, considers yoga and meditation as important as lifting weights and being out there on a practice.

Because yoga helped the team concentrate and not get distracted on whatever is happening in the outside world. The teams admitted Yoga has helped them in lot of ways especially to keep their balance and maintain their skills and abilities because every pose in yoga strikes a muscle that increases flexibility, strength, and more. Yoga played a big role for them to improve in the game and play well because yoga refreshes mind and welcomes positive thoughts into the body which would give you a head start to fulfill your goals step by step.

Yoga is continuously emerging in sports industry. Yoga really makes a good sport especially for those who are not fun of large crowds. This might be the first step that will be your guide in building your path. In yoga, you only need to concentrate and connect with your mind and body.

Not just it promotes physical, mental and spiritual awareness. It also helps you get in touch with your inner self. You will be able to know your self better and see things the way it was not before. Some yoga can be gentle and meditative. These are composed of mild moves and not too intense work outs. But some yoga are wild which consists of extreme moves.

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No matter what type of practice you want for yourself, it will lead you to a more stronger body and more focused mind. And those things will lead you to a more relaxed spirit for a more controlled life. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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    March 5, at am. March 6, at pm. Ankita Dwivedi says:. September 8, at pm. March 8, at pm. March 19, at pm. January 18, at pm. Lastly, In my opinion schools, colleges and Universities should promote games and encourage student to take part in it along with their regular academic curriculum. To conclude above discussion, I would say that both studies and games are important for students in their career and if the prioritity and time are set for both games and studies then there is no problem,.

    This essay will discuss the reasons why games and sport activities are not disturbing and in fact they are useful. Physical activities such as sport can improve the health and enhance the cognitive abilities in human. This has been proven by physicians that sport and other physical exercises develop the muscle flexibility and reduce the body tension. This is also true for games because playing games can increase creativity and learning abilities.