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There is a possibility that terrorist groups can gain access to sensitive state security information. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines terrorism as the illegal use of force against civilians or property to intimidate or force a government to accede to political or social objectives.

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Cyberterrorism could thus be defined as the use of computing technology to intimidate or force others. Most of the evidence reveal that military installations, power plants, air traffic control centres and the police are the most common targets Mohlala, Global threats existed before the September 11th, terrorist attack against the United States. But the major concern is, of course, physical attack. But according to a U. S Congressional Commission examining weapons of mass destruction WMD used by terrorists the possibility that cyberattacks can be used in conjunction with physical attacks cannot be discounted Thibodeau and Verton, Global communications, global production and globalisation of military industry have all promoted, and had been accelerated by the globalisation of financial markets.

They move globally, being used anywhere on earth at the same time and moving electronically and via air transport anywhere on the globe in effectively no time.

The globalisation of financial markets has triggered this growth of world financial activities Eng et al. This is evidenced by flows of money and capital across national borders. These markets shift billions of dollars around the world daily in a way that influences national economies through its impact on foreign exchanges, interest rates, the stock market, employment levels and government tax revenues Holton, For example, it has been estimated that every single day, more than a trillion US dollars exchange hands throughout the world.

For many national economies, this represents a fundamental change towards a globalising economy, and it implies that governments are increasingly losing control over the money and capital that flow in and out of their economies Isaacs, The globalisation of the military industry has witnessed the advent of global weaponry.

In a similar way, unpiloted missiles can in short spaces of time carry shipments across any territorial distance and past any territorial borders. Inter-continental ballistic missiles, spy satellites, and the likes have in a way turned the globe as a whole into a single strategic realm. The Gulf War of was fought on the ground in Iraq and Kuwait.

During the war the allies used satellite remote sensing, supersonic bombing raids, and electronic transborder financial transactions to sponsor the war. Furthermore the allies used propaganda against Baghdad in a war which was supported by the United Nations Scholte, Despite the fact that globalisation has affected almost every country in the world and that no one has been left completely untouched, its impact has been perceived differently by different states because some states are rich and others are poor.

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Davies, On a positive note, the level of economic integration and transformation is so huge that it has resulted in a new world order. States have lost control over their economies and the world economy is more interdependent that ever before Smith and Baylis, 9. According to Ostry 5 , consumers would be in a position to buy quality products at the lowest prices anywhere and everywhere. As a result of removing trade limitations and barriers, foreign investments will be attracted. In this process jobs will be crated. The globalisation of the world economy has, without doubt, brought tremendous achievements in the area of the movement of skilled labour and the rapid spread of innovation from or between countries.

Of utmost value are the non-economic benefits: freedom of choice associated with the international movement of goods, capital, people and freedom of thought associated with the movement of ideas. Global capitalism brings along with it freedom and prosperity Soros, But as will be shown later in this study, there are reservations relating to the democratic accountability of these big companies.

Their undemocratic practices relate for example to the elections for their management members Board of Governors. Jaffer , concurs that globalisation has had a positive impact on civil and political rights of the citizens. This is not to discount its limitations on democracy mentioned above.

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Presently there is a lot of pressure put on dictatorships to adopt democracy forms of government, to remove trade barriers, to free the media and to end one-party rule. These are progressive measures that have developed new leadership capacity like Nigeria under Obasanjo to curb rising authoritarian misgovernance.

For other countries such as America and Japan, the greatest gain of globalisation is the diffusion of technology or more broadly, of knowledge. Knowledge is the basic source of productivity growth and hence of rising living standards. This situation does not, however, apply to the weakly integrated countries, particularly in Africa Ostry, 5. While globalisation is creating unparalleled opportunities for the creation of wealth, the world is becoming increasingly polarised between the rich and the poor — both between and within countries.

Abject poverty is a growing problem that is posing a grave challenge to the world at the dawn of the new Millennium Commonwealth Heads of Government Ministers, 4. According to Makhijani in Falk, 13 the structure of the global political economy is in its most essential respects like that of apartheid in South Africa — a kind of global apartheid.

Mbeki 15 , argues that our globe is divided into North and South, the developed and developing worlds. The North is relatively rich and the South poor. This is a consequence of a long history that has included genocide against native populations, slavery, colonialism and white minority domination. There is also no doubt that there is a resurgence of racism in the developed North. This is driven by the inevitable population movement from the South to the North, as blacks try to escape poverty and underdevelopment.

Gill 70 argues that globalisation is contradicting itself, in the sense that on the one hand it has set in motion a process of the dismantling of territorial barriers in the movement of commodities, information and capital across countries. But on the other hand it has retained barriers that are rather made more stringent for the movement of people, especially from the developing world to the advanced countries. A multinational company making an investment abroad can deploy its personnel in the host country without facing any discrimination, but the host country cannot do the same without facing some limitations.

The conclusion emanating from these examples is the ambivalent and often contradictory nature of globalisation. It has shown itself to be like a double-edged sword-benefiting and marginalising at the same time. This uneven impact of globalisation is finding expression particularly in the views of the opponents of globalisation.

Many people in the developing world do not benefit from technological developments and improvements in mass communications. Phenomena like the Internet, global companies and electronic media have been mainly concentrated in North America, the Pacific Rim and Europe. Furthermore, globalisation has generally affected city dwellers, professional people and younger generations relatively more than other groups, although as previously outlines, the process has left no one totally untouched Scholte, In according to Tooze , these countries accounted for 64 per cent of both the total world exports and imports of manufactured goods.

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The volume of money traded each day is huge and through modern communications, this finance has great mobility. The value of their currencies is subject to fluctuations. This money also does not follow economic logic or rationality. According to Peter Drucker in Fraser, 18 , it is volatile and easily panicked by rumour or unexpected events.

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The process of globalisation recommends market related economic systems with the full knowledge that markets favour the powerful, the united and the strong and that markets can overwhelm and destroy smaller players. Sometimes smaller players are entire nations. Fraser 18 discounts the view that market forces left on their own can solve socio-economic problems. The liberalisation of capital flows and the deregulation of financial markets have slowly eroded the scope for national monetary and fiscal policies.

As it has been reflected in the Asian crisis, this erosion has been greatly magnified and has raised doubts about the benefits and costs of financial flows and the legitimacy of the IMF and its Structural Adjustment Programmes Ostry, 2. Today financial markets and investment funds shift capital so rapidly that governments in both developed and emerging markets fear of capital and speculative attacks by the market: all governments live in some fear of markets and all are susceptible to a speculative attack Woods, 23; Tandon, A related objection views globalisation as the latest stage of Western imperialism, because it is fundamentally a Western phenomenon which elevates and advances Western culture and values at the expense of other cultures.

Smith and Baylis, Although the Asian Tigers had globalised, they did not adopt Western value systems. In global terms life is increasingly being determined in consumerist terms. Life is becoming a commodity or product to be shaped and re-shaped at the expense of economic convenience and the profit motive.

As a result our values, beliefs, socio-cultural structures and the essence of justice, equity and goodwill to humankind is threatened Jaffer, 3. We stayed here on two separate occasions during our trip to Madagascar with the fantastic Wildlife Worldwide. A wonderful gesture that many hotels would not offer. This hotel above any other business hotel. Le pavillon de l'Emyrne writing a thesis statement help.

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